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How does Dianatal® Obstetric gel works?

Dianatal® Obstetric Gel is introduced into the vagina by the obstetrician or midwife from the moment of the first vaginal examination, or if the waters have broken and all the amniotic fluid has been discharged. A special applicator is used so this is not unpleasant for the mother or for the unborn child.

Dianatal® Obstetric Gel contains special mucoadhesive and friction-reducing components. The gel forms a smooth bioadhesive lubricating film on the vagina, which reduces the frictional forces. It helps the baby to glide through the birth canal more easily.

In nulli- parous women (First Time to get a baby), Dianatal® Obstetric Gel was found to shorten the expulsion stage (Second Stage) by 30 % (26 min.) and also to shorten the total duration of the birth by 30 % (106 min.) This means less suffering & more energy to interact with your baby from the first minute.

Dianatal® also aids and eases deliveries for which a vacuum pump or forceps are used.

Dianatal® therefore makes childbirth safer, faster and more comfortable. The unborn child and the vagina, pelvic floor and perineum of the mother are protected. The baby glides out of the vagina more easily.

Dianatal® has been developed in Switzerland especially for the facilitation of vaginal births.

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A safer and easier delivery with Dianatal® obstetric gel

  • facilitates birth to a shorter and less painful birth process
  • saves energy and reduces pain for mother and child
  • protects the pelvic floor, vagina and perineum

  • Some mothers suffer from postpartum depression because of complications during pregnancy & labor. (Blom et al, 2010)
  • Perineal Tears may cause “baby blues” & “post partum depression” (Dunn et al, 2015).
  • Dianatal® will participate in improving your birth experience by reducing the duration of birth process, and so, reserving your energy to interact with your baby in his first moments.
  • Dianatal® Also reduces the need for surgical interventions in normal delivery, by easing the pathway of the baby and reducing the rate of complications.
  • Dianatal® wants you to be happy after your birth so it works by protecting your perineum and reducing the rate of developing tears.
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