How to apply Dianatal Obstetric gel?

How can I use Dianatal® Gel during childbirth?

Tell your midwife or your physician that you would like to use Dianatal® during childbirth.

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  • Dianatal® Obstetric Gel is applied during vaginal examinations prior to childbirth, beginning with the first vaginal examination around 3-4 cm dilatation of the cervix (active phase).
  • During each vaginal examination, 3–5 ml of gel is introduced into the vaginal birth canal or applied to the frontal part of the baby using the sterile Dianatal® Obstetric Gel applicator.
  • In case of dry vaginal conditions, it is important to add sufficient fluid while administering the gel. This fluid may be a physiological salt solution or other aseptic solution.
  • Extra gel must be applied 15–30 minutes after the waters have broken.
  • Dianatal® Obstetric Gel shortens both the dilation stage and the expulsion stage. Dianatal® Obstetric Gel is therefore ideally used during the entire birthing period.
  • The recommended quantity is 10–20 ml of Obstetric Gel per birth. Experience indicates a maximum quantity of 30 ml.
  • To prevent slipping, make sure you have a dry towel available to deliver the baby.
  • The gel may only be used by doctors and midwives.
  • Dianatal® is sterile, contains no preser- vatives, is latex-free and is hypoallergenic. Up to now no side effects or interactions have been reported in connection with the use of Dianatal® Obstetric Gel.

Precautions: The contents are sterile as long as the packaging has not been opened. Do not use if the packaging is damaged or opened or if the expiry date has passed. After opening the sterile blister pack, care must be taken when handling the tube to ensure that it stays sterile. Once the baby’s head has emerged his/her face area (including eyes and nose) should be wiped with a dry cloth. Superficial aspiration of the mouth/nose area should also be carried out if appropriate. It is advisable to use a dry cloth as the child emerges to prevent the baby from slipping as it may be slippery.

As Dianatal® Obstetric gel conducts electricity, diathermy for haemostasis can be carried out at any time after the use of the gel – for example, after a C-section or after an intervention affecting the birth canal. In order to guarantee the conductivity of Dianatal® Obstetric gel, this gel must not be used simultaneously with other types of gel.