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Dianatal - obstetric gel

The birth of a child is one of the most important events in a woman's life. For a women and her family, a positive birth experience is an important element for having a happy life. Good preparation and realistic expectations form the basis of being able to experience birth as a wonderful gift.

With the help of Dianatal® Obstetric gel you can ease your baby’s path to birth.

What is Dianatal® Obstetric gel?

Dianatal® Obstetric gel has been developed especially for your safety to facilitate vaginal child birth & to make it a better experience for you. Dianatal® is a sterile obstetric gel that has unique biophysical properties. The gel applies a mucoadhesive film onto your birth canal; thus reducing friction between the vagina and the baby, and allowing the baby to slide out easier so, you will be enjoying the precious moment with your baby with less pain.

The ideal delivery for all women

  • A safer, faster and more comfortable delivery
  • Maximum safety for both mother and child
  • Protection for the pelvic floor and perineum
  • The chance to avoid episiotomy, vaginal-operative procedures or emergency C-section

Childbirth is a profound life experience and should be
remembered with great satisfaction


Why Dianatal® Obstetric gel?

The process of childbirth is divided into two stages. During the first stage, the dilation stage, the uterine cervix opens. When the cervix is fully dilated (10 cm), the so-called expulsion stage (second stage) starts.

With every vaginal birth, the mother has to expend a great deal of energy in order to deliver her baby.

If the delivery takes a long time, the energy levels of both the mother and the unborn baby drop noticeably.

Although the baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid and sebum (vernix caseosa), the baby does not glide easily through the birth canal due to the friction between the vagina and the baby.

The friction between the baby and the vaginal wall is very high, but this can easily be reduced with a sterile Obstetric gel: Dianatal®

  • Dianatal® Obstetric Gel forms a smooth bioadhesive film on the vagina for that Baby glides easier through the vagina, which serves to reduce friction.

    The gel significantly reduces both the static friction (incl. that occuring after long pauses between contractions) and the dynamic friction.

Dianatal® makes childbirth safer, faster and less painful. Dianatal® protects the Baby as well as the vagina,
the pelvic floor and the perineum.

Dianatal® has been developed in Switzerland and is especially designed for the facilitation of vaginal births.

Does the use of Dianatal® Obstetric gel carry any risks?

Dianatal® Obstetric gel has purely physical effects. It contains no pharmaceutical ingredients and is not absorbed by the body. Intensive tests have been carried out to assess the tolerance and safety for mother and child (vaginal tissue, skin, eyes, nose and mouth).

Dianatal® is sterile, contains no preservatives, is latex-free and is hypoallergenic.
Up to now no side effects or interactions have been reported in connection
with the use of Dianatal® Obstetric gel.

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